Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust a stranger to share a ride?

To share a ride in DedoCar is even safer than travelling alone.; because all passengers, cars and drivers are registered in the platform with their true identity, and rides are real time monitored, so the platform knows at any time where a car is, and who it is carrying.
In addition, for you to agree sharing the ride with the travel companion proposed by the app, you are presented the reputation that he or she earned on the platform (as good driver, or as good passenger) based on the ratings of previous fellow travellers.

How are travel expenses shared?

Travel expenses are equally and transparently shared among the travellers who share a ride:
A cost per mile is previously established, and the cost of each leg of the trip is divided among the number of occupants of the car (driver included). The more people go together, the more everyone saves. The platform is responsible for charging each passenger their fair share, and then reinstating the driver the sum of them.
The passenger pays to the platform a few additional cents for each free seat achieved. Such a small service fee, is much less than what he saves on the shared ride.

What about the privacy of my personal data?

The rest of fellow travellers only know the essential data (your name and reputation). The way the platform works, you do not need to tell anyone your bank data, or other personal details. Not even your phone number.

Is it better to go as a driver or as a passenger?

Economically, there is no difference, because it is impossible for a driver to make money, since he counts as any other traveller when it comes to allocating expenses.
Whether or not you take out your car, it depends on how much you like to drive, or the particular route that is involved that time.
Usually, the one with the longest and most complicated route (probably crossing the whole city) will take the car, and along the way he will pick up and deliver other people with shorter journeys, or other people who have more difficulty parking down town.


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