Join us!

I’m interested on getting free the ridesharing app, and I want to join my city’s DedoCar community. Please, tell me what should I do.

To benefit from the advantages of ridesharing in your city with DedoCar app, you must be a trusted person for someone who is already a member of the DedoCar community.

In each city, there are some founding members, who act in the community as “evangelizers” that promote the project, and recommend people they trust and appreciate to join the community. Perhaps some of them invited you to join us, because they think that you may be interested in ridesharing, either as a passenger or as a driver.

If you want to rideshare with DedoCar, but no one in your circle of friends or family is a member; or if there aren’t any founding members in your city yet, but you think that DedoCar should work there… Do not hesitate! You too can become a founding member.

Most of us collaborate economically through crowdfunding campaigns in the implementation of DedoCar (we cover the costs of launching the project in the city with small financial contributions from many people who believe in it, and want to participate).

All you need to do, is to show commitment to the project by participating in a crowdfunding campaign. In addition to getting a founding member’s badge (which increases your reputation within the community), and some other rewards for your contribution; from that point on, you are allowed to recommend someone else to join DedoCar too.
Please, do it.