The community of DedoCar users and developers.

Using an urban auto-stop app that helps us to share our car’s empty seats during our daily commutes, we save expenses and avoid pollution, transport and parking problems.


DedoCar team members

The visionary:Martin en Lillo
Martín H. Herráiz

He likes flying gliders, obtaining energy of the wind, without spending gasoline.
After 35 years of work experience at Telefónica de España (satellite telecommunication engineering), he is accustomed to taking projects forward and fixing things that can perform better.
Now he is enthusiastic to solve the problems of transport and pollution that millions of people suffer in the big cities.




COLLABORATORS: DedoCar PIoneers Meeting 2017 09 13.JPG

Pioneers of the European Union program Climate-Kic 2017.

Anna Adámy (from Budapest, Hungary) and Lavinia-Paula Drăghia (from Timisoara, Romania), help us identify how DedoCar can contribute to reducing pollution and avoiding climate change.






Space for members of the team of developers, founders and outstanding users
Your photo can appear here


If you like the project and want to suggest improvements or collaborate to start it, write us to the e-mail: contacto.dedocar@gmail.com

Do you know how to…?

  • Virtually spread the project in social networks to millions of users,
  • Make videos that show the project and motivate many users to join in.
  • Organize crowdfunding campaigns or get public funds to finance the project,
  • Improve the mobile application for the passenger and the driver in several mobile operating systems,
  • Program the back-end of the platform to manage our community and to find real-time paths in accordance with our procedure,
  • Put in place payment means so that the passengers automatically contribute to reimburse the travel expenses to the driver,
  • Partnering to collaborate with other entities and companies in the sector,


We need your help to build a better world, because if this project did not come true … people

  • would continue suffering traffic jams and parking problems, caused by each one driving their own car,
  • they would keep on breathing air polluted by their own vehicles,
  • they would keep throwing on going to work as much money as they need to eat.
  • they would be wasting time, moving in the usual way,
  • would continue to consume more reserves of energy than necessary,
  • would continue to contribute to the climate change.

Just for this reasons

  • we feel necessary and we are proud of what we do.
  • we are happy to dedicate our time and effort; and we are willing to give up leisure and sleep hours
  • each one of us gives the best of himself and contributes doing what he knows best,
  • we ask everyone to give us a hand.


The day will come when the people of our community (the people we care about, and whom we want to help) thank us and reward us.

The platform will recover a small part of the money that it’s community of users save, so DedoCar can keep on providing this service, paying the bills and its employees earning a decent living wage.


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