The most effective way to avoid pollution caused by cars

On behalf of the City of Madrid, Siemens has done an analysis of the causes of pollution in the city.

We agree that many locals are throwing money, burning fuel, clogging the city and polluting the air much more than necessary; Because each one is driving his own car, and on most of our trips we squander four of the five seats in the car.


Now it’s time to find the best solution

Would you like to go to work with the comfort and speed of a car with a driver, but at a bus price and polluting much less?

Now you can, thanks to a carpooling app that helps several people going in the same direction to go to work sharing a single car, and to move around the city in a more efficient, economical and sustainable way.


With the urban hitch-hiking app DedoCar,

we will use fewer cars, because we will take advantage of their free seats to carry several people on each trip. By dividing expenses equally between the driver and several passengers, we all save a little each day. It is even better than BlablaCar, because it serves to move you every day around the city, and solve several of your problems.

By sharing car trips, we all gain in quality of life (fewer cars, fewer rush hour traffic jams and fewer parking problems) and we reduce pollution without having to invest in more subsidized means of transport or in deterrent park and ride. And there is no rush to remove our current cars and buy new ones, since anyone carrying 3 passengers, immediately multiplies their efficiency, consumes less energy and pollutes a quarter.


There will no longer be any pollution peaks, so it will not be necessary for the City Council to impose unpopular measures or crude solutions, such as putting tolls on Madrid residents, or bann them from driving or parking in city center.


But it seems that we are crying in the wilderness.
How do we explain it, for the authorities to help us?


In the end, we will have to do it the citizens ourselves.
More information at

If you like this solution for you and your city, please sign up at!


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