Why Google and Amazon are aiming in the wrong direction?

Society asks big enterprises to solve people’s real problems, and most of them are transport related. A more human centred way of innovation is possible, with a carpooling app.

The development of society has much to thank to Google searches and also to the long tail distribution of Amazon.
But, being sensible and realistic, they miss the shot when they depart from what they know well, and try to innovate inventing toys for big children.


Amazon drone

Amazon and the postmen drone:

Nowadays technology allows sending small loads in a flying device programmed for it. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t find another type of problems. Amazon thinks that the airspace above our heads is free and at their complete disposal, and that they can send flying gadgets to everywhere they want and whenever they want. But aeronautical regulations and air safety exist!
Will there be aerial maps so detailed that they show the trees, the poles and the cables, so GPS guided drones don’t clash with them?
Considering that, when a messenger brings an order to you, it’s usually hard for him to find you home on the first try; Then, to be reached by drone, will you have to leave the window open all day and put a radio frequency beacon on it?

Google self driving car

Google and the self-driving car:

The only meaning of a car is to carry people. And most people like to drive.

When lots of cars carry few people, they cause huge problems (traffic jams, parking problems, air pollution …); If someday cars carry no one, they will cause many more problems that today.
That’s why building a driverless car is a waste of time, if not inefficient and counterproductive.

CarPooling with DedoCar

How to better target the efforts?
A carpooling app.

Instead of trying to get profit by exploiting a hypothetical fleet of postman drones or robo-taxis, it would be far better for mankind that companies like Amazon or Google would foster the greater efficiency of the collaborative economy and devote the intelligence of their brilliant engineers to find a way to make it easier for people to save money, pollute less and stop traffic jams, depletion of natural resources and climate change.

Instead of replacing the “human factor”, they should help us to use better and more efficiently our private cars, as we move through the cities.

Instead of each traveller paying the full expenses of moving his own car (or, even worse, a taxi fare) it is much better that one of the occupants of the car (who doesn’t mind driving) remains his proud owner, and just shares the travel expenses with some other neighbours and companions, carrying them in his car’s empty seats, while on their way to the workplace or back home.

That’s what BlablaCar successfully does (for intercity travels), and what DedoCar app intends to do for our daily commutes too.