Carsharing vs. ridesharing benefits

Discover why ridesharing is much better for commuters and citizens than carsharing.

Our original post and infography “Who’s who of Carsharing” was published as a colaboration at Daimler’s Move Forward blog. To read it, please follow this link:
Carsharing vs. Ridesharing: Which New Technologies Solve Commuter and City Problems?



To really solve city transport issues, we propose to improve the Blablacar ridesharing model, with a real time urban auto-stop app.

In DedoCar we are creating a huge community of commuters that use an urban auto-stop app, which helps them to move by the city in a cheaper and more efficient and sustainable ridesharing way. See for more info about how ir works.

Matching in real time the drivers and passengers with compatible paths, allows us to improve the BlablaCar’s model, to make it suitable for millions of daily rides by the city, with an automatic and fair sharing of travel costs between all car occupants (the car’s driver doesn’t make any money, but recovers up to 75% of travel expenses), and arranging the ridesharing on the fly, thus removing the burden for travellers to publish and negotiate their trips some days in advance.

Pretty soon, it will be possible to move around the city at nearly the speed and comfort of a car with driver, but at bus cost.

¡Let’s join the DedoCar Community!


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