DedoCar app

The urban ridesharing community

By carpooling, you no longer need to drive every day your own car to commute to work, or to move around the city.

Fill in the form to join the community that uses DedoCar, the urban carpooling app.

  • Before, each one was going in his own car, or spending lots of time in public transport means, but now we created a big ridesharing community and we quit throwing away time and money.

  • Some of us find more convenient to go as passenger at somebody else’s car’s empty seat. And some prefer to drive, sharing the costs of their daily trips with the passengers they carry.

  • This way, we all move through the city more comfortably and quickly, we save energy and enjoy a better quality of life: no more traffic jams, nor parking problems and we suffer less pollution. Climate change is no longer such a threat.

How to do it?

Register to join the DedoCar community, download the app to your smartphone*, and you are ready to share rides as a passenger and, if you have a car, also as a driver.

(*Not required for drivers of DedoCar compatible cars)

Watch this video to know how DedoCar app works


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